Twitter and SoundCloud blocked in Venezuela as Guaidó returns

Twitter image and video servers and platform backends have been blocked in Venezuela from 3:10 PM UTC on state provider CANTV (AS8048) and its mobile network Movistar, as interim leader Juan Guaidó is set to arrive in Caracas after a tour of neighboring countries. The restrictions have been implemented as the leader calls supporters to the streets under the hashtags #4MVzlaALaCalle, #VamosVzla and #VamosJuntosALaCalle.

Users report being able to partially access the Twitter homepage, while images and videos do not load. Such measures are known to be used by authorities to prevent the sharing of media from protests:

Time-series chart of vantage point failures accessing Twitter platform servers on 4 March 2019

Meanwhile, the SoundCloud audio streaming service has been restricted since 27 February, when Guaidó posted tweets linking to his audio posts on the platform. Guaidó has been a frequent target of state censorship during the ongoing crisis.


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