Disruptions in Venezuela affecting YouTube and other services during political rally

Platform disruptions affecting multiple Google services including the YouTube streaming platform have been detected by the NetBlocks internet observatory on state provider CANTV (AS8048), starting 17:15 UTC (1:15 PM VET) Tuesday 12 February 2019, during the live streaming of a speech by Juan Guaidó marking International Youth Day.

The outage follows a similar pattern to those observed during past opposition speeches and rallies as well as critical sessions held by Venezuela’s National Assembly, including the disruption of Google Translate and other Google services, now also extending to affect Microsoft Bing, which provides a popular translation service in addition to its web search functionality.

The present findings are based on 10,000 web probe measurements taken from 40 unique vantage points across Venezuela by the NetBlocks observatory from 15:00PM UTC to 18:30PM UTC.

Update: Network measurements show that the specified restrictions were in place for 90 minutes, lasting from 17:15 UTC to 18:45 UTC (1:15 PM VET to 2:45 PM VET).

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