NetBlocks joins the Global Network Initiative

NetBlocks is pleased to announce that it has joined the Global Network Initiative. NetBlocks will bring its global expertise developing rights-based ICT and cyber-security policy, and tracking network disruptions and online censorship to the initiative.

Working at the intersection of cybersecurity, Internet governance, and digital rights, NetBlocks seeks to support and advocate for rights-based internet regulation, access to information, and online safety for local communities, businesses, and nations. At the core of this mission are user-facing technical tools that allow NetBlocks to collect actionable insights on internet disruptions, online censorship, and cyber-attacks around the world, most recently including a tool to measure the economic harms of disruptions as they occur.

“As we continue our global campaign to raise awareness on the harms of network disruptions, empirical evidence is crucial to making our case,” said GNI Executive Director Judith Lichtenberg. “Adding NetBlocks’ expertise will help GNI enhance our understanding and engagement on this shared policy priority.”

NetBlocks have reported on digital rights violations around the world. “NetBlocks are delighted to bring new regional representation to the GNI, as well as to deepen our collaboration with GNI’s academic, civil society, company and investor members,” NetBlocks Executive Director Alp Toker said. “We are excited to incorporate GNI’s shared expertise into our own development and deployment of measurement and policy tools with worldwide impact.”

Learn more about GNI’s global, multistakeholder membership here.