The Third Party Data programme (TPD) provides a mechanism for entities such as network operators and internet businesses to contribute to the field of human rights and democracy documentation.

A TPD source is graded as follows:

  • Data feed timing:
    • Real-time (< 15 minutes)
    • Near real-time (< 1 hour)
    • Latent (< 24 hours)
    • Summary (> 24 hours)
  • Network granularity:
    • AS level (grouped by autonomous system)
  • Geographic granularity:
    • City level
    • Country level
  • Telemetry class
    • Connectivity (e.g. ICMP)
    • Traffic (e.g. website traffic, DNS, netflow aggregates)
    • Probe (e.g. active probing, user driven testing)
    • Routing metrics

TPD sources can be referenced with credit to your organisation, or presented anonymously, and can be processed under NDA if required.

TPD metrics are reviewed and used following a similar verification and validation process to primary NetBlocks Observatory data sources, and can contribute to telecommunications disruption reports, internet governance reports, and the Election Pathfinder programme.

There is currently no provision for sharing of IP level network granularity data. However, our engineering team are keen to explore zero-knowledge approaches that would facilitate the safe and secure sharing of such high-granularity telemetry between organisational boundaries.

Sign up for the TPD program
Contact us here to enter your organisation to the NetBlocks TPD program: [email protected]