Hannah Machlin joins NetBlocks as Global Advocacy Manager

Experienced human rights campaigner Hannah Machlin is joining the NetBlocks Group as Global Advocacy Manager. She will be leading on policy and advocacy as the group takes on new digital rights and internet governance issues.

NetBlocks is an independent rights organisation striving for an open and inclusive digital future. The group combines methods from computer science, political science and industry to develop investigative techniques, build insights into the global flow of data and universal access to information online. Working at the intersection of cyber-security, internet governance and digital rights, NetBlocks sheds light on the interplay between internet regulation, access to information and online safety.

Commenting on the appointment of Hannah Machlin as Global Advocacy Manager, NetBlocks founder, Alp Toker said:

“We’re thrilled that Hannah is bringing her experience, talent and intersectional approach to support out fight for internet users’ rights at such a critical moment. Freedom of expression and online privacy are at risk. To tackle this, we need to combine technology with policy to strengthen civil society and the general public.”

Hannah Machlin is a human rights advocate with expertise on freedom of expression. She comes to NetBlocks from Index on Censorship, where she was a project manager on the advocacy team overseeing their Mapping Media Freedom platform. Previously based in Russia, she has held various editorial and advocacy roles focused on the former Soviet Union and Turkey.

The NetBlocks Group is building new techniques for network measurement that support freedom of expression and digital transparency, defending access to free and open technology and advising on the security and privacy of core internet standards at groups including the Internet Engineering Task Force. NetBlocks has recently partnered with The Internet Society to build and deploy COST, a new data-driven policy tool for internet shutdowns, and continues to work with the KeepItOn coalition and Access Now to defend the digital rights of at-risk communities.

If you would like to arrange an interview, or are interested in additional information on any of our areas of focus, please contact Hannah Machlin, Global Advocacy Manager, at [email protected].